Brothers and Assistant Killed in Bandung, Bodies Dumped into Three Points

Police find three bodies in one day , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) . The first corpse male sex was found in Cidaun , Cianjur , around 09.00 am . The bodies of the two were found in female Kertajadi , Cianjur , around 12:00 pm . While the third was found in Cidahon , Garut regency , at around 04.00 pm in the afternoon.

Head of West Java Police spokesman Sr. Comr . Martinus Sitompul said , two of the three bodies turns siblings , children of Sri Anisa , residents Soreang , Bandung regency , West Java .

" Two of the three bodies brothers , residents Soreang , Bandung regency . And more bodies are aides , " Martin said in Jakarta, Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

The first corpse was found in Cidaun Refan ( 10 ) . Fifth grade elementary school students was found dead with still dressed in red white schools . The bodies of her brother , Rizal Raziv Sidik ( 22 ) , was found in Cidahon .

" The victim ( Raziv ) suffered bruises above the right eye and the left , then cuts the neck and elbow abrasions on the right and left , " said Martin .

Meanwhile , the bodies were found in Kertajadi recognized as an aide , Eti .

Based on an examination of the mother and Refan Raziv , their home in Soreang is usually occupied by his two sons and aides . Anisa himself admitted recently returned home three days. Everyday, he stays at his salon in Gang News ( rear Bandung Supermall ) .

" While Anisa home 3 days once admitted to the home . Anisa stay at the salon , " he said .

From the results of the crime scene at the house , said Martin , the police found bloodstains splattered everywhere .” Blood was also found on the bed , ” he said .

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In addition , police also found the victim’s sandals and shoes lying . There is also a broken ashtray and ashtray full of cigarette butts . In addition , the usual cars parked Xenia also missing and allegedly taken by the perpetrator .

Police suspect all three were killed in the house and dumped in different places . Police are still developing and investigating this case . The motive of the murder is not yet known. The third body was taken to the hospital Sartika Asih , Bandung , for autopsy .


Impact of Hypertension Patients Not Complying Drink Drugs

High cholesterol levels can lead to a person exposed to hypertension . Therefore , maintaining normal cholesterol levels remain very important to avoid various diseases , including hypertension .

When you have hypertension is very important to make cholesterol levels remained normal . One way to keep cholesterol levels remained normal is by taking statins and still eat them , even though cholesterol is normal .

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But unfortunately , according to specialists in internal medicine faculty of medicine - RSCM , Dr . Muhammad Ikhsan Mokoagow , SpPD , M.Med.Sci , hypertensive patients tend to stop taking statin drugs when cholesterol levels are already normal . This is because most patients worry about the side effects that arise when kept taking statin drugs .

" Approximately half of the patients who took the drug HMG Co - A reductase inhibitor , which is one type of statin treatment will stop within six months after administration of the drug , " he said at a discussion entitled " Treatment Adherence , Important Factors for Chronic Disease Management Success " Sere sweet , Jl . Agus Salim No. . 16 , Central Jakarta , Tuesday, April 15, 2014 .

In fact , according to Dr. . Ikhsan , compliance in taking anti-hypertensive drugs , such as statins are key to the management of chronic diseases , including hypertension . By taking statins , Dr . Ikhsan said that not only lose fat , but also to control blood pressure .

" When you do not drink his blood pressure medication will definitely rise as a regulator of blood pressure is damaged . Thus , drugs such as statins that are useful for controlling blood pressure to remain stable and it should be taken for life , " said Dr. . Ikhsan .

Meanwhile , Dr . Ikhsan himself said that based on the study of high compliance of anti- hypertensive medication use about 80 to 100 is associated with blood pressure control odds ratio of 1.45 times compared to those with low and moderate levels of compliance . So , what is the impact when the level of adherence to the use of anti- hypertensive drugs lower ?

" Poor adherence to treatment with statins was associated with an increased mortality by 12 to 25 percent , " he said .


Stock Market No Need for Stronger Jokowi

JAKARTA - In today’s trading , the rate Composite Stock Price Index ( CSPI ) is expected to be in the range of 4800-4850 and resistance at 4886-4892 support . JCI patterned line separating the middle Bollinger band pass ( MBB ) . Negative sloping MACD histogram is shortened .

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Head of Research at Trust Securities , said Reza Priyambada , JCI pass rate target range of 4835-4844 resistant so it can re-open the opportunity for continued gains .

" Moreover, there is still a debt gap above the 4829-4906 level , " said Reza in his research , Jakarta , Monday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

Reza added that there is still a possibility that it could happen that could hinder the continued rise of JCI . In trading yesterday , JCI rampant buying market participants , especially for big caps stocks , and make JCI continues its movement in the green zone .

Majority of the sectoral indices which can bounce back , led by the property sector , followed by industry basis . Seen that without the arrival of the Governor of Jakarta , Jokowi , JCI was able greening rate , though not as high as on the closing weekend .

The pace of JCI may move anomaly compared to the rate varied Asian stock markets tend to weaken with the selloff in stocks of raw material . Dollar rebounded thinness also provide fresh air even recorded net foreign sell .


The situation heats up, Move LDS Church missionary in Ukraine

The Mormon Church is officially known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ( LDS ) , Friday ( 11/4 ) said it moved 85 missionaries who are serving in Donetsk , Ukraine .

All 85 missionaries were moved to other areas that are still regions of Ukraine ” due to the ongoing crisis in the region . “

Donetsk city is beretnik Russian territory recently freed unilaterally by the demonstrators .

" Health has always been a priority of our missionaries , and some efforts are being made ​​to keep them in a safe condition , " said a statement from the Church quoted from Fox 13 News .

Included in the Mormon Church Restoration Christian group , but they are often not recognized as Christians by other groups . One of the famous missionary of the Mormon Church is Mitt Romney , the former Republican Presidential Candidate , United States .

According , the Mormon Church in the top ten richest in the world religions are 4th in 2013 .

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According to the order of the richest religion in the world market is , the Roman Catholic Church , Islam , Jewish , Mormon or LDS Church , the Anglican Church , the Episcopal Church ( Protestant ) , Televangelists , Protestantism , Freemasonry and the tenth is the Church of Scientology .


Outbreaks abdominal Wexford vBulletin

When Jusuf Kalla was Vice President , he never had a bad experience with the presidential plane .

In July 2006 on a flight from Jakarta to Polonia Airport , Medan , the presidential plane Air Force Fokker 28 carrying the Vice President and several ministers have cracks in the glass cockpit . Finally , the backup plane was sent from Halim . The Vice President immediately expressed long pending plan to have a special presidential plane . “He ‘s been 30 years . Thus , it should be replaced even better ,” Kalla said at the time.

Since the days of President Sukarno , a wide variety of aircraft used for an official visit . Here’s his review .

1 . Aircraft Presidency Bung Karno :
Initially , Bung Karno uses two types of C - 140 aircraft Jetstar . Lockheed -built aircraft manufacturer was given the name of Pancasila and Saptamarga . This aircraft has become one of the occupants Air Museum in Yogyakarta . After Jetstar , Bung Karno memakaj Ilyushin Il - 14 , a gift from the Russian government . The aircraft that still use the double propeller Dolok Martimbang named the Air Force 17 Squadron operated . (see also: Situs Waptrick)

2 . Aircraft Suharto Presidency
President Soeharto using several types of aircraft . In the early days of the administration , to visit the country , President Soeharto using the Hercules C - 130 belonging to the Air Force . Douglas DC - 8 aircraft could also be used for overseas trips . Visit other country , Suharto often use several options . There Avro RJ - 185 belonging to Pelita Air Service .

Then the Fokker F - 28 , which operated flights , Pelita Air Service . Other aircraft are British Aerospace 146 , which is capable of carrying 100 passengers . For overseas trips , Suharto used Airbus A330 belonging to Garuda .

3 . Aircraft SBY Presidency
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is still using some of the aircraft used its predecessor , such as the Airbus A330 - 341 and A330 - 300 belonging to Garuda . The aircraft was modified according to the level of need for the president and can carry a maximum of 140 ‘s passengers . Airbus SBY commonly used when traveling overseas . To visit parts of Indonesia , SBY still wearing Avro RJ - 185 belonging to Pelita Air Service .

This 1992 -built aircraft purchased Pertamina in the era of President Soeharto and used special presidential plane . All , the president - of President Soeharto , BJ Habibie , Abdurrahman Wahid , Megawati Soekarnoputr up - choose this plane when traveling domestically .

Fokker 28 including those belonging to the Air Force still use SBY . 1975 aircraft made ​​usually chosen to accompany a visit in the country . Another aircraft was a Boeing 737-200 used SBY belong Air Force produced in 1981 . For helicopters , SBY regular use of Super Puma helicopters SA - 330 and SA - 332 belonging to the Air Force .

At the end of its leadership , the President claims to provide warisanya for his successor . ” If it ( the plane) was finished , in 2013 , I only use it a year . ‘s Good that the next government could be more efficient and better able to use , ” he said on February 13, 2012 .


Dangers of Eating Less Salt

Danger of salt ( sodium ) too much you may have often heard . However , eating too little salt also appeared to have a similar risk with eating too much salt . So that was revealed by the results of a new meta - analysis published in the American Journal of Hypertension .

The researchers conducted an analysis of 25 studies involving 275,000 participants . Known , 90 percent of the world’s population on average consume between 2645-2945 milligrams of salt . Participants were then grouped into consuming too much salt , moderate , and less than that based on that range.

Analysis conducted by researchers showed a surprising result . They write , compared to those consuming salt in moderate levels , people who eat too little or too much salt are at increased risk of death and cardiovascular disease .

Researchers study Graudal Niel , a senior consultant of the department of internal medicine , infectious , and rheumatology at Copenhagen University in Denmark , says , meaning that people with normal blood pressure or those who are not at high risk should not be too concerned with their salt intake .

" If you have normal blood pressure and eating appropriately , it should not need to reduce the consumption of salt , " he said .

However, not all experts agree with the results of the analysis. Paul K Whelton , professor of global health at Tulane University of Public Health and Tropical Medicine , said the analysis has limitations . For example , measurement of salt intake in the study is the result of a survey , not a direct measurement , making it less believable .

In addition , there are certain health conditions that require a person to change his diet . This contrasts with the onset of certain diseases caused by diet .

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He emphasized the importance of limiting consumption of salt . Center for Disease Management and Prevention ( CDC ) recommends , salt intake should less than 2,300 milligrams a day for men under 50 years old . Meanwhile , the American Heart Association recommends the consumption of less than 1,500 milligrams per day .


Had Stopped, Searched MH370 Back Do

Search part of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 back done today. Search had been halted because of bad weather, resumed after a search operation in the air gradually improved.

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This statement was delivered by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA). They announced the search would return held on Friday, March 28, 2014.

"MH370 search will resume this morning," said AMSA official statement via twitter account, as quoted by the New Straits Times, Friday (28/03/2014).

Friday’s search was dikonsenterasikan in the southern region of the Indian Ocean. The latest report from satellites Thailand said, there are approximately 200 foreign object is visible in the region.

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MH370 missing on March 8, 2014. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak ensure MH370 crashed in the Indian Ocean and the search will continue until MH370 found.

source:http://www. okezone .com/

Otoritas Bandara Thailand menyita ratusan hewan dalam dua serangan terpisah

Pihak berwenang di Thailand telah menyelamatkan 343 kura-kura air tawar diyakini ditujukan untuk pasar di Hong Kong dan menahan dua pria yang memberikan konsinyasi untuk pengiriman . Dalam insiden terpisah , ular , kalajengking dan bahkan lipan ditemukan di bagasi penumpang akan terbang ke Doha .

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Bertindak berdasarkan informasi , petugas dari Departemen Taman Nasional , Margasatwa dan Konservasi Tanaman ( DNP ) , Royal Thai Bea Cukai dan Departemen Perikanan menyita 343 kura-kura dan kura-kura dikemas ke dalam tas dan dimasukkan ke kotak polystyrene untuk transportasi dini hari tadi .

Jangka ditemukan di Cargo Complex dari Bandara Internasional Suvarnabhumi termasuk emys Langka Asian Brown Kura-kura Manouria dan Giant Asian Pond Penyu Heosemys grandis , yang terdaftar sebagai Rentan . Ini penyu dan kura-kura diperdagangkan di seluruh wilayah , terutama untuk digunakan sebagai makanan dan obat-obatan . Perdagangan internasional di kedua dibatasi melalui daftar mereka dalam Appendix II Konvensi Perdagangan Internasional Spesies Terancam Punah Fauna dan Flora Liar ( CITES ) .

Kura-kura dan kura-kura telah dikirim ke pusat penyelamatan Pemerintah di Suphan Buri .

Orang-orang yang ditangkap dalam kasus ini diperkirakan akan menghadapi beberapa tuduhan di bawah Reservation Wild Animal dan Undang-Undang Perlindungan ( WARPA ) , Bea Act B. E 2469 dan Animal Epidemi Act B. E 2499 .

Kura-kura air tawar adalah salah satu kelompok yang paling terancam di dunia hewan dan yang biasa ditemui dalam kejang . The Turtle Conservation Koalisi memperkirakan bahwa kura-kura air tawar asli Asia terdiri 68 persen dari spesies tersebut di atas 25 yang paling terancam di seluruh dunia .

Berdasarkan laporan yang diterbitkan dan informasi dari DNP , TRAFFIC memperkirakan bahwa sedikitnya 5.821 kura-kura air tawar telah disita dari para penyelundup di Thailand antara 2003 dan 2011 . Awal tahun ini , seorang warganegara India ditangkap di Bandara Suvarnabhumi dengan 890 Indian Tortoises Bintang di kopernya .

Dalam kasus terpisah , pihak berwenang di terminal penumpang Bandara Suvarnabhumi ditangkap nasional Kuwait yang membawa koleksi lebih dari 75 hewan dalam kopernya .

Tersangka , yang dijadwalkan untuk mengambil penerbangan dari Bangkok ke Doha kemarin , dihentikan dan ditemukan membawa 40 kalajengking , ular 27 , dua lipan , dua Tokay Geckos , tiga African Pygmy Landak dan beberapa hewan lain .

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Pria itu ditemukan setelah Suvarnabhumi Airport Authority dirontgen bagasi dan waspada CITES petugas dari DNP dan petugas Bea Cukai , yang memeriksa bagasi dan menemukan binatang di dalam .

source:http://www. traffic .org/

Komodo National Park visitors Restricted

Tourism development should still be in tune with the environment . For the middle pemrintah imposing restrictions on the number of visits several popular tourist destination that is not its natural function is lost . (see also: pakan burung)

For example, restrictions on travelers kunjunagn to the Park . Last year , the number of visitors reached more than 80 thousand people . ” If now is not restricted , can make the animal scared , ” said Director of Environmental Services Utilization and Conservation Areas Protected Forest , Bambang Supriyanto yesterday .

Other measures to preserve the nature of raising rates . Previously the price of admission is only Rp 2500 to Rp 3000 per visit . The fee is now set according rayon . For domestic travelers , the lowest rate at Rp 5,000 per visit ( Rayon 3 ) and the most expensive Rp 20 thousand per visit ( Rayon 1 ) . average natural tourism is in rayon 2 and three .

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As for the tourist manacanegara sizeable tariff increases . Previously determined rate of Rp 20 thousand to Rp 30 thousand per visit . Now the charge rose to USD 100 thousand ( Rayon 3 ) to Rp 300 thousand ( Rayon 1 ) . ” A national park may have two rayon , ” Bambang added .

Source:http://www. republika