Rear body apparition iPhone 6

Rear body apparition iPhone 6

CALIFORNIA - iPhone 6 is rumored to slide in August 2014. Before official launch, the latest generation of Apple’s smartphone appeared in the leaked images.

Reported by Neowin, Monday (09/06/2014), since the release of the iPhone 5S, users speculate as to what the physical appearance of the iPhone 6. Leaked information mentioned that this latest handset will appear with a larger screen and physical button layout is different from the previous iPhone generations.

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The latest leaked images publish Nowhereelse (NWE) shows the appearance of the body behind the handset is touted as iPhone 6. Smartphone presents a metal outer body design.

The source also shows the body of the handset from the side, showing the power button and the MicroSIM slot. To facilitate the operation in the palm of your hand, Apple changed the position of the power button is because the iPhone 6 will appear with a larger screen.

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According to reports from the Far East Apple, Apple’s latest mobile phone comes with a 4.7 inch screen. The device is said to be released in August and following the 5.5-inch models in the next month.


Barak Aston Workers Burned, 2 Killed 6 Injured

Barak residential construction workers who worked on the construction of Aston Kupang , East Nusa Tenggara ( NTT ) on fire on Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) morning earlier .

As a result, two workers who live in the barracks , was found dead and six others injured . Deputy Head of Kupang City Police Commissioner Julian Prime , to , Wednesday ( 28/05/2014 ) morning , said the incident lasted just a few hours ago .

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Julian adds , investigation and security locations still do while waiting for the team Inafis and forensic laboratories from Denpasar Bali .

" For sure two people and injured six people . Everything was evacuated to the hospital . For the data of the victims and cause of the fire , then will we say when we do investigations , " he said briefly .

Meanwhile a witness named Ita whose home was not far from the scene of the fire , to said the incident took place around 01.00 pm last morning in Road East Raya , Kelapa Lima Urban Village , Coconut District of Lima , Kupang

" It happened so quickly because the building is wood . the fire also was in a densely populated location , " he explained .


Inconsistency JK Gerindra pity to Jokowi

DPP Secretary General Ahmad Gerindra Muzani regretted Kalla inconsistency in judging Joko Widodo . Muzani statement was JK who initially respond assessment Jokowi prohibits a presidential candidate , but now it as a duet partner presidential / vice . “I think we should start mentradisikan between talk and political action , ” said Muzani , at the Parliament Complex , Senayan , Jakarta , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .

Muzani added , currently requires public leadership figure consistent between words and actions . Inconsistency JK regarded as a reflection of his leadership style if later won the 2014 presidential election .

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Even so , Muzani make sure it will not make a statement as a tool to impose JK . He believes the public has become more intelligent and can weigh circulating information to make their choice later . ” Let masyarakar the judge , but certainly we should start mentradisikan consistency of words and actions . Consistency it becomes a mirror in the way he led the country , ” he concluded .

Previously , JK claimed had banned Jokowi to run for the presidency . The ban was announced only two months when Jokowi was Governor of DKI Jakarta . At that time , said JK , Jokowi rumored it will be used as a candidate by the PDI - P . However , because there are still two months of serving governor , JK assume Jokowi not deserve .

Chairman of the winning team Jokowi- JK in 2014 Presidential Election , Tjahjo Kumolo , said that the statement was an old story JK . According to him , JK statement when it was not in accordance with the current political situation as Jokowi has chalked many achievements while leading Jakarta Capital .


Think JK Cadre Legal NU Have Different Look

The scholars in the Nahdlatul Ulama ( NU ) has a different view related presidential candidates (candidates ) and his running mate ( vice ) .

Vice President Jusuf Kalla ( JK ) during his visit to the former residence of Chairman of the Board of Nahdlatul Ulama ( NU ) Hasyim spoke NU sound related outbreak . JK judge that NU just an organization and its scholars have the right , respectively .

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" It’s election NU was neutral . Culturally certainly has his own views , his name also rights of people choose , according his view , " he told reporters in Gurgaon on Friday ( 05/23/2014 ) .

JK confirms his visit to the house of Hashim because NU cadres want to ask for support . ” As a NU cadres must report to the NU kiai , yes of course ask for support . Kyai Hasyim old friend , since in the government , both in international organizations , ” he explained .

Meanwhile , former NU chairman Hasyim General asserted that there was no split in the NU sound . Although attitudes Mahfud MD and Chairman of NU Said Aqil Siraj - Hatta support Prabowo .

" If Mr. Jokowi and Mr. JK lead Indonesia , God willing, safe lah . Both not figure he likes conflict , this time in the middle of Indonesia today . Crossing NU baseball is like that , it’s not about the cross , it was freedom . How these people have trust in The key there , "added Hashim .


Surface Pro 3 Try Opponent iPad and MacBook

Microsoft has launched a tablet computer Surface Pro 3 with a size larger than the previous generation , Tuesday ( 20/05/2014 ) . The device is expected to be a competitor to Apple’s two products at the same time , the MacBook Air and the iPad tablet .

Tablet Surface Pro 3 comes in 3 models with 12 -inch screen size , much larger than the size of 9.7-inch iPad , but smaller than the MacBook Air 13 -inch size . Surface Pro 3 product is sold with a variety of differences in processor , RAM , and internal memory , ranging from 799 to 1,949 dollars .

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Microsoft sides repeatedly asserted that the Surface Pro 3 which weighs 0.45 pounds lighter than the MacBook Air , even when the tablet was paired keyboard ( the keyboard ) .

In a presentation in New York , United States , Microsoft CEO Sayta Nadella said it is committed to making its own computers . ” We did not build the hardware for the sake of hardware . We want to build experiences that bring together all the capabilities of our company , ” Nadella said , as quoted by Reuters .

According to analyst analyst Jack Gold of J. Gold Associates , Surface Pro 3 is trying to replace the laptops , as well as expanding the use of the tablet . However , in this case Microsoft is considered more attacking MacBook Air , not the iPad .

" Microsoft seems to understand their products can not compete directly with the Apple iPad , and must offer a superior business device , " said Jack .

After acquiring a business unit of Nokia mobile phones and the division named Microsoft Mobile , the company is trying to become a hardware manufacturer . However , so far the new Xbox game console is considered a success .

Surface tablet so far only sold in the U.S. market , and opposed by many other Windows computer maker . While the Nokia brand mobile phones with Windows Phone operating system can not be assessed against the power of Android and Apple iOS .

Surface Pro 3 running with Windows 8.1 operating system . 12 inch tablet screen resolution of 2,160 x 1,440 packed pixel density of 216 pixels per inch ( ppi ) .

Available in a choice of Intel Core processors fourth generation ( Haswell ) , either Core i3 , Core i5 , and Core i7 , 64GB internal memory capacity of up to 512GB and 4GB or 8GB of RAM .


Padjadjaran university student from Malaysia Robbed and Raped

Student of Universitas Padjadjaran ( Padjadjaran University ) allegedly raped in the Cikole , Lembang . The victim was identified as JK alias PDS ( 20 ) . The first semester student of the Faculty of Medicine is a citizen of Malaysia .

A resident named Tata Sumitra and his wife heard the sound of groaning and begging for help . The incident occurred around 03.00 pm at Jalan Tangkubanparahu , Cikole , Lembang , West Bandung regency , on Saturday ( 05/17/2014 ) then .

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" From the description of the victim to the citizens ( Tata ) , the victim claimed to be raped by an unknown person . Victim was taken to the Police Hospital for treatment Sespim . Victim still in shock , can not questioning , " said police chief Commissioner Lembang Santiaji Tribune quoted Tuesday ( 20/05/2014 ) .

Information obtained from the Tribune , this event originated from a victim who plans to take the money at an ATM in the Jatinangor , Sumedang . However , when the victim has been running for about 150 meters from where indekosnya in Jatinangor page , there is a man calling out the victim’s name .

The victim ignored because they do not know the person who called him . Approached the victim does not want to see , the man suspected perpetrator was immediately attracted to him and the victim and immediately put it in the car .

After that , the victim was not aware of anything else and just feel the pain all over the body , especially in the lower abdomen .

Lembang Criminal Police Unit have examined several witnesses , Tata Sumitra , who helped the victim , Elly Chrisda , lodger victim ‘s mother , as well as Hendro Kasmanto , Padjadjaran University lecturer , who also as a witness .

Known , the perpetrator made ​​off with valuables belonging to the victim , such as the one mobile unit , 1 unit Apple-branded tablet , necklaces , and bracelets of gold .

Until now , police have not been able to deduce the motive and perpetrators of the violence and theft against the alleged rape victim . Because the victim can not be questioned because it is still in shock and do not want to talk to investigators .

" The victim was taken to RSHS to undergo a post mortem to ascertain the need for rape and the investigation , " the police chief said .


Police Raped Children, Young Women’s Treated in Hospital

A 14-year -old teenager was raped by the son of a police officer to the victim suffered severe bleeding .

One of the family of the victim , Edwar explains , the rape occurred last week . At that time, the victim home temeanya IT play , Dw ( 15 ) . Victims are invited Dw and a number of other friends around the residence Fedra ( 24 ) at the Farmers Market , District Kemiling , Bandar .

Three new male friends of victims , namely Aris , Rio and Fedra that night menengak liquor (alcohol ) as much as 4 bottles . While IT at around 01 early morning entry into the room because of drowsy .

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" But according to the victim , and the victim’s word of her room at the Dw thought knocked on the door , but instead Fedra that he found at the door of the room , " Edward said .

Fedra forcefully entered and threatened the victim with a knife in his neck . The victim was raped Fedri . Bleeding victim and the offender tried to take him to the nearest clinic , but health officials refused because the victim’s injuries are serious enough , and eventually the victim was taken to the General Hospital Abdul Moeloek ( RSUDAM ) Lampung . Now , victims still hospitalized .

Edwar suspect IT ” sold ” by Dw , friend of the victim to the Fedra . Fedra is known son of Aiptu EY , former Police Buser Lampung .

For the incident , the family has been reported to the Police Tandjungkarang West with report number LP/B-1/724/V/2014/LPG/RESTA Balam / SEKTA TKB .

West Tandjungkarang police chief , Ketut Suryana confirmed the report, but it has not been able to ascertain whether the offender is a child or not the police .

" We are still searching offender . If actors are able to , then we can know the identity of the perpetrator’s family , " he said .

Meanwhile, the family of the victim to report the incident to the police Proppam Lampung given actor ‘s father is still an active member .


Jogja Students Demand Removal of Commercialization of Education

Hundreds of students joined in the ‘Alliance Movement usurped Reject’ action at Parliament House Special Province of Yogyakarta, on Friday, demanding the elimination of commercialization of higher education in Indonesia.

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"Rejecting the Alliance Movement usurped Back" which consists of HMI MPO Branch Yogyakarta, Sleman PMII, HMI Bulaksumur, PMKRI, UGM, UNY, and the action was marred Amikom thrust action between pedemo and apparatus for not allowed into the meeting room Provincial DPRD DIY.

Hundreds of students were trying to force entry because of not being met by the Chairman of the Parliament of DIY.

Action Coordinator, Maulana Rahmat, said that the action involving 200 students was conducted in commemoration of National Education (Education Day).

According to Rahmat, the government should regulate the cost of education participated in their respective universities.

"In addition to regulating the curriculum, we also asked the government to oversee and regulate the system and the amount of funding at each campus," he said.

Until now, he said, many among the middle to lower achievers. However, they are difficult to access higher education because of the high cost of private education is regulated by each campus.

According to him, the privatization and commercialization of education that originate on the National Education Act that allow educational institutions seeking their own expense in order to meet the operational costs of education. “This should be reviewed,” he said.


Google Denies Google Glass Component Cost Rp 900 Thousand of Tech Insight reveals that the total cost of the components to assemble one unit of Google Glass estimated that only U.S. $ 80 ( about USD 920 thousand ) . Though Google Glass is currently marketed at a price of U.S. $ 1,500 ( approximately USD 17 million ) for developers .

Responding to the report , Google immediately denied . One of a Google spokesman claimed that the estimated cost of the components delivered Glass absolute wrong . But unfortunately he declined further comment .

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Despite the high price of Google Glass , faced considerable difficulty in producing components. Google Glass display components , for example , only a few millimeters in size but offer a high enough resolution . Manufacture and design of these components can be complicated and costly .

In the table that release cost estimates , cost estimates display / touchscreen and Google Glass Glass only U.S. $ 3 . However stressed that these figures alone it is only a rough estimate based on the analysis quickly , and can be changed if explored more thoroughly .

Outside of the components , the Wall Street Journal reported that the cost of production should also be considered . Moreover, Google Glass assembled in California , labor there is certainly more expensive than in Asia .

Then do not forget the cost of design prototypes and research involving smart engineers and PhD . They were probably paid by Google for research and development of Google Glass has been done since 2011 .

Google hopes to sell Google Glass cheaper when sold in bulk later . If the price is affordable and high- volume production , the possibility of Google can buy more components at a lower price .

According to that reported by Phone Arena , speculation circulating that the current mass marketed later , Google Glass smart glasses will be sold much cheaper than the current developer price , which ranges from U.S. $ 600 .


Sulfur Smell Spread Bromo Sting

Residents in the area of ​​Mount Bromo began to feel very pungent aroma of sulfur since last week . The smell of sulfur was overpowering nose is thought to originate from the crater of Mount Bromo .

Observations of Post Monitoring Mount Bromo volcano in Hamlet Cemoro Lawang , Ngadisari Village , District Sukapura , Probolinggo , East Java , said there was an increase in seismic tremor . ” There is an increase in seismic tremor . And this monotonous , ” said Head of Post Monitoring Mount Bromo Volcano , M. Syafii . Tempo , Wednesday, April 30, 2014 . ( Read : A visit Mount Bromo Travel Affected Kelud )

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According Syafii , the quake was usually fluctuate between 0.5-1 millimeters . However , since the last few days is increased to between 7-15 millimeters . ” And it is monotonous between 7 to 15 millimeters , ” he said .

Syafii admitted that the sulfur smell was very pungent . ” Between the smell of sulfur with the concomitant increase in kegempaaan tremor , ” he said . Associated with this condition , it continues to make observations of seismicity famous mountain with the sea sand . ( Read : Kelud erupts , Semeru and Bromo Safe )

Syafii said the status of Mount Bromo volcanic activity still remains at alert level since 2012 . Budi , villagers Ngadisari Tempo said the smell of sulfur is very pronounced since last week . ” It’s the most stinging over the last few years , ” said Budi .

Nevertheless, the number of visitors at this time quite a lot . Belereng smell is quite disturbing Budi recognized tourist comfort .